Yoga for Golfers with a Touch of Tai Chi

Yoga For Golfers: I started doing yoga 19 years ago. As a Golf Pro I had lots of back problems. I found yoga  to be the answer to maintenance of a healthy body and mind while practicing golf. Yoga helped me find balance in my golf game as well in my life, both in mind and body. 

Yoga increases core stability, strength, power and range of motion. It opens the hips, the shoulders, increases flexibility in the spine and sharpens mental focus. It helps build awareness of muscular imbalances to help prevent injury.

The exercises in this class also help improve body alignment, joint flexibility, and muscle tone through working with basic yoga positions. The class will work on stretching, breathing, self-massage techniques and meditation. 

The Tai Chi aspect of these classes will focus on its health aspects and on the energy flow “Chi” that is so important for Tai Chi practice. It is particularly useful for increasing alertness and body awareness, and for developing concentration and sensitivity. It helps with balance and posture, and enhances a sense of being grounded. Chi is the prime driving force of human life; it can be felt as movement of energy in the body, ceaseless flow of an electrical current.

Mari Carmen Cortina has taught Yoga and Tai Chi for seventeen years and has a Certificate from Pacifica West Institute of Yoga and Tai Chi. She has a B.S. in  physical education. She also has an A.A. in recreational coaching and training in positive behavior management.

Group Lessons: min 4

Per person 30 CHF

Private classes:

1 person 60 minutes 120CHF

1-2 people 60 minutes 150 CHF (additional person + 50 CHF )75 minutes 170 CHF (additional person + 60 CHF)
90 minutes 190 CHF (additional person + 70 CHF)

Special rates for juniors!  ZIS community get 20% discount