Nutrition Course

This lifestyle course is for any person interested in vibrant health and nourishing food.


Learn how to incorporate healthy smoothies, juices, snacks and lunches easily into your life daily lifestyle.

Some of the topics listed below.

  • Why Organic? What is GMO? How to avoid dangerous toxins in foods
  • Do the personal products you use contain dangerous toxins for you?
  • Easy to make smoothie and juices
  • Quick and healthy snacks, lunches and meals
  • Facebook & media resources
  • Why is it important to alkaline the body?
  • Importance of sleep and water
  • What are super foods?
  • Good grains & healthy alternatives
  • Danger of EMF (cell phones, microwaves…)
  • The healing powers of herbs and spices

Green smoothie

Taught by Mari Carmen Cortina

Mari Carmen Cortina has Nutrition Certifications from David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition Certification and the Body Mind Institute.

She has been a PGA Golf Pro for 29 years, has taught Yoga & Tai Chi for 19 years and has a BA in Physical Education.

Contact me if you have a group of 4 or a company workshop.

Time: 1 hour per class (1 to 10 students)
Cost: CHF 150 per class – Plus costs for supplies for smoothies or meals.