Tai Chi


Although Tai Chi can be used in self-defense, this classes will focus on its health aspects and on the energy flow “Chi” that is so important for Tai Chi practice. Plus the 8 principles of Tai Chi. It is particularly useful for increasing alertness and body awareness, and for developing concentration and sensitivity. It helps with balance and posture, and enhances a sense of being grounded. Chi is the prime driving force of human life, it can be felt as movement of energy in the body, ceaseless flow of an electrical current. Learn how Tai Chi can relieve pain and stress. Come and discover your inner life force & how to recharge it.

Class includes self-massage technique and mediation.

Taught by Mari Carmen Cortina

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 Principle 1 – Moving as a Unified Force                                                                                      

“I am a unified entity, moving through my life as a unified force,
connected to the core of The Great Way, unstoppable and invincible.”

Principle 2 – Mindful Breathing

“Breathing is the most important thing in my life – everything else can wait.”

Principle 3 – Expanding Your Posture

“Expanding my posture expands my whole life.”

Principle 4 – Relaxation

In the relaxed atmosphere I generate around me, others are encouraged to relax likewise and in the combined calm that produces, many miracles of healing and success transpire for all of us.”

Principle 5 – Sinking

Surrendering to gravity now, I induce the power of the whole moving universe to flow up through me.”

Principle 6 – Centre Brain Awareness

Drawing my mind back into my midbrain, I activate the limitless universal vision, power and knowledge of my subconscious mind, to beneficially change the way I live at a radical level.”

Principle 7 – Opening the Heart

“It’s OK to love and be loved – love makes everything work for me – I don’t conceptualize it – I just relax my chest and open my heart.”

Principle 8 – Practicing Awareness of the Tao

Though I don’t know how, I am the Tao – as the Tao, I am everywhere in everyone and everything forever and ever.”


Inspired by the teaching: Master Qi & “School of warriors” course, Barefoot Doctor


For private classes please contact me: [email protected]

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Private classes:

1 person 60 minutes 120CHF

1-2 people 60 minutes 150 CHF (additional person + 50 CHF )

75 minutes 170 CHF (additional person + 60 CHF)
90 minutes 190 CHF (additional person + 70 CHF)


Special rates for juniors!  ZIS community get 20% discount